Matt HealeyMonday,19 August 2013

The Snap:

A while ago I issued a call to action from my fellow blogger Adrienne. She accepted the challenge and responded with some advice that should ensure that we are at least drunk during the upcoming made-for-TV government shutdown. I now have a call to action for someone outside of our blogging family: Orly Taitz.

The Download:

We all should remember Orly. She was the legendary batshit crazy birther who launched attack after attack on Obama. She claimed that he was not born in the US and therefore was not eligible to be President. After several botched attempts to get him thrown out of office, she disappeared from public view. Her 15 minutes were up.

But like all things there should be a sequel. After all, where would we be without great sequels like Fast And Furious 6? Or Saw VII (I think). Hopefully this sequel will be less violent than the torture porn in the Saw series. This sequel should star Orly playing the role of the psyco and the role of her victim should be evangelical christian party of god‘s future presidential candidate, Ted Cruz. Yes that tea party favorite Ted. Ya see he was born in Canada. A fact he does not dispute. The problem is that he maintains that he can be president because his mother was from the US. I do not know if he ever commented on Obama’s eligibility, but I am sure if he did and it was contradictory to his situation it will be found out. To be fair, the other insane birther, Donald Trump, has maintained his consistency and said that he questions Cruz’s eligibility. So the call to action is to Orly. You need to pursue this with the same veracity that you pursued Obama. You need to be consistent in your crazy.

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Dallas News, The Daily CallerImage Credit: Flickr

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