Leigh MichaelSaturday,17 August 2013

The Snap:

High fashion line Rodarte has joined forces with acclaimed director Todd Cole and The Creators Project to create “This Must Be Only Fantasy,” a 13-minute film that dips between the everyday and, well, themes that could only be described as fantasy. The video is soundtracked by Beach House, who adds woozy instrumentals and sparse vocals to the ensemble. Elijah Wood stars as the king.

The Download:

It sort of feels like Beach House was made for this kind of stuff. They take center stage when they are in the background, accompanying sweeping vistas and surreal landscapes with their equally sweeping and surreal music. They are the type of band that basks in being a wallflower. I often get sort of bored listening to Beach House “as is,” and find myself skipping over their songs when they pop up in iTunes. But when their music plays the role of the accompaniment (as it did with their film “Forever Still“) the effect is exquisite.

The movie itself is weird. It follows the path of an LA teenager (played by Sidney Williams) who falls into a fantasy heroine role, finally meeting the throned prince (Elijah Wood) who sits amongst video games. Yeah, it’s odd. But it’s also captivating, and it’s interesting to see how Beach House’s music makes the film really stand out.

The Baltimore-based duo is known for being experimental, so it seems only natural that their music accompany films that are equally offbeat and obscure. If you’re looking to climb outside your cubicle (at least mentally) for a few minutes today, I’d put on your headphones, sit back, and conquer the streets of LA with Beach House.

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