Joe GransingerFriday,9 August 2013

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Boombox, the “rock ‘n’ roll” duo from Alabama, are currently playing festivals around the country before the release of their third studio album, Filling in the Color. Lost Ya is the first single from the upcoming record, and it preserves the calm, cool, mellow vibe that the group is known for while still featuring an updated and modern sound.

The Download:

Boombox avoids putting any labels on their music, and will only consider it to be “rock ‘n’ roll,” as they believe that specifying a certain genre would do their music injustice. I, however, prefer to throw labels onto bands whenever possible, and this falls into a strange instrumental-yet-electronic trip-hop influenced indie rock group category. Noticeable influences come from a mixed bag of genres including ska, indie, rock, and hip-hop.

Both the debut and sophomore albums – Visions of Backbeat and Downriverelectric, respectively – featured jazzy and atmospheric tracks, such as their breakthrough hit Stereo, as well as Midnight on the Run, Who Killed Davey Moore?, and Dungeons. Both albums are quite amazing in their entirety, and the desire to skip a track is rare. You won’t find better driving music, and they both work out wonderfully as background music as well.

Lost Ya shows us that Boombox hasn’t messed with their success, and they continue onward with the chill and relaxed style that fans love. Beginning with a smooth guitar riff and drums, the song slowly transforms into a more electronic, upbeat track that showcases everything that Boombox is and should be.

Filling in the Color is nearing completion is expected to be released soon.

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