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AlunaGeorge’s upcoming album – Body Music – is set to officially release on July 30th, but is currently available to stream on their SoundCloud page. Body Music is expected to be one of best pop albums of the year, with catchy rhythms that compliment the elegant voice of vocalist Aluna Francis perfectly. Utilizing slower beats and more meaningful songwriting than most, the duo have established themselves as clear leaders of the pop genre.

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I’ve mentioned AlunaGeorge’s Attracting Flies and You Know You Like It in a previous post, and loved both of them. However, the rest of the album brings so much more to the table than those two singles originally indicated.

The electro-pop duo uses a wide variety of styles throughout the album to keep it interesting to the end. From the heavy drums and sensually smooth vocals of Your Drums, Your Loveto the quicker pace and more energetic feel of Put Up Your Handseach song has a different vibe and feeling.

Other than the singlesJust a Touch and Outlines are two of the strongest tracks on the album. Kicking off with a fanstastic beat that’s reminiscent of an early ‘90’s Snoop Dogg intro, Just a Touch shows just how well Aluna Francis and George Reid can sound when it’s done correctly.

Outlines, the opening track, features a strangely irregular beat that occasionally tends to drop-out completely. However, it’s produced well enough that the random breaks in rhythm don’t detract from the overall sound, and it flawlessly matches the intensity and mood of the vocals.

Unfortunately, Body Music does contain a fair share of unimpressive tracks that I couldn’t resist skipping after the first listen. The three hit singles are all packed into the beginning of the album, which leaves a lot of room for mediocrity on the back end of the 19-song LP.

Even with a considerable amount of alternating speeds and styles, the constant looping and sampling of Aluna’s voice in nearly every song does get a bit repetitive. I also wouldn’t mind a little more variation in the beats and synth work.

Overall, though, the album is superb. The good tracks outweigh the bad by far, and it’s refreshing to hear pop music that isn’t designed solely to be blasted onto dance floors.

You can stream the Body Music below.

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