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The Snap:

“Gypsy Punk / Latin Rock” (yes, that is a genre) band Gogol Bordello released Pura Vida Conspiracy last week. This is the group’s eighth full-length album together. Most famous for their colorful live performances, Gogol Bordello is beloved by fans for their ceaseless sense of energy.

To get a sampling of the album without pulling out your wallet, stop by Gogol Bordello’s SoundCloud. Or, enter your email on the band’s site to get a free download of “Malandrino.” You can also commit already and grab it on iTunes.

The Download:

I’ve liked Gogol Bordello since I heard “Start Wearing Purple” a few years ago. If you haven’t heard the song, listen up. Then imagine yourself dancing amongst a circle of gypsy caravans with a jug of moonshine in your hand. It’s the kind of song that’s sort of impossible to hate — even if you can’t understand any other lyrics other than “Starting Wearing Purple for Me Now.”

The band played at my school the year before I got there, and it’s safe to say that they made their mark. With an inherent sense of rapscallion charm, they careened onto the stage and essentially threw a party, forcing everyone to have an amazing time. Even years later, people would gleefully reminisce about the Gypsy dancers cavorting across the stage amongst accordions and saxophones.

Gogol Bordello is a cocktail of different cultures, with members hailing from Russia, Scotland, China, Ecuador, the Ukraine, and beyond. Their music seems to reflect this, offering a hybrid of different songs, beats, lyrical styles, and beyond. “Malandrino” was one of my favorites, with Eugene Hutz offering up his characteristic lilting voice before picking up the pace amongst some pretty serious violin. “Lost Innocent World” is another beauty. Although Gogol Bordello sometimes tackles some pretty profound topics to sing about, I honestly think they’re at their best when they throw caution to the wind and throw a musical party.

Take a look at some “The Making Of” videos here, here, and here, each of which feels like three minutes of chaos. The good kind.

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