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Have you heard of Jake Bugg? The Nottingham-based singer/songwriter released his first self-titled album last year, and has since won over international audiences with his traditional-with-a-twist music. Nominated for two NME awards in 2012, Bugg has been hailed as “an artist who is crazy fully formed, stepping into a journey that should be worth following.” You can buy his first record via iTunes.

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In an era of Daft Punk and Deerhunter, it often feels like good ‘ole fashioned music is dead and buried. It’s been real, Beatles – I loved you, Johnny Cash… but musicians have entered a new era.

This is why I love Jake Bugg.

The Brit may be young (he’s nineteen), but he’s got an old soul. I don’t mean that songs feel boring or outdated, and I don’t think that he’s forcing himself into a niche that he doesn’t belong in. He’s just reinvigorating a musical style that should have never disappeared in the first place.

The first time I heard Jake Bugg, I thought he sounded like a reincarnation of Bob Dylan (case-in-point: “Lightning Bolt“). I’m not the only one – critics have referred to him as “An East Midlands Bob Dylan” – but Bugg claims that the master of folk isn’t a huge influence:”Bob Dylan’s cool, you know, he’s great, but he’s not a major influence.” In fact, his primary inspiration is Don McLean, who he first heard on an episode of The Simpsons.  I don’t see it, but as a fellow McLean aficionado, I appreciate his taste.

So, have a listen to these songs to whet your whistle. “Two Fingers” is a poppy anthem to being young and growing up, and “Broken” is a dreary little number with a strangely mesmerizing video. “Country Song” is another sleepy one (but a good one). But it’s “Trouble Town,” with its Elvis influences and gruff underbelly, that really stole my heart. Pure gold. Follow up with “Seen It All,” a conglomerate of great lyrics and repeat-worthy instrumentals.

Trust me, you’re about to get hooked on this guy.

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