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I love XKCD. I have for a while and it is one of the things that I miss when on trail. I realized this again recently when I was reading some of the ones I missed. I came across this strip.

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A while back I de-friended a bunch of people on Facebook. Some were de-freinded for discussing politics. I do not mind political discussions, but it seems to me that Facebook is not the right location for these discussions. They immediately turn into empty catch phrases and misinformation. The rest were de-friended for shaking their fists and yelling “Get off my Lawn!” Virtually yelling that of course. This bothers me as much as younger generations saying “You don’t understand the challenges we face!”

Things are different now but not as different as you might think. The reason is that it is the purgative of every generation to challenge the rules and traditions of the previous generation. Pushing the boundaries is a right of passage. Our parents did it, we did it, and our kids (thankfully not my kids as I don’t have any) will do it. The way we push the boundaries will be different. The technology will be different. But the pushing will be the same. And the reaction from the previous generation will be the same. As was explained in the recently XKCD comic. Here are some of the excerpts from the strip, which is also embedded below courtesy of XKCD:

“The art of letter writing is fast dying out. When a letter cost 9 pence, it seemed but fair to try to make it worth 9 pence… Now however we think we are too busy for such old fashion correspondence. We fire off a multitude of rapid short notes, instead of sitting down to have a good talk over a real sheet of paper” (from The Sunday Magazine, 1871).

Sounds a lot like the reaction to Twitter replacing email. Or email replacing phone calls. Or phone calls replacing letters.

XKCD - Modern Life

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