Matt HealeyTuesday,16 July 2013

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Apparently, it is Major League Baseball’s All Star week. I would like to blame my lack of knowledge of this on the hike, but the fact is that even if I was not on the Appalachian Trail, I would likely not know that it is All Star week. Basically, I like watching sports but have never considered all star games even close to worth watching. Which leads me to this question: Which of the major sport has the lamest all star game?

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Baseball: MLB has tried to make this game interesting by having home field in the World Series depend on the winner. I think that is the way it works, anyway. I’m not really sure because my team, the New York Mets, usually end up watching the World Series on TV and dreaming not of eventually playing in a series, but of eventually having a winning season. So, I haven’t watched a World Series in a while. But I digress. Still, even if the Mets were competitive and I was watching baseball, I am not sure that I would have any interest in the All Star Game.

Basketball: I don’t really watch basketball, but the NBA’s problems with players not wanting to participate in its slam dunk contest tells me all I need to know about this All Star game. If the players don’t even want to be there, then why should I watch?

Hockey: I know nothing about the NHL All Star game except that I think FOX debuted the failed “glowing puck” at one.

Football: I think NFL football takes the cake for the lamest. The fact is that the players don’t want to attend the game. Even holding it Hawaii isn’t enough to lure the star players. I can’t blame them. Football is a violent game and the chance for injury is huge. So why would you play in a meaningless game?

Given the above, I wonder why the games are still played. If you want to announce an all star team, fine. But don’t have a game.

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