Matt HealeySunday,14 July 2013

The Snap:

I am temporally off the trail again. This time for job interviews and some house stuff. As part of this I went to a local mall and came to a realization. We have become so lazy that the mall doesn’t even have stairs anymore. There used to be stairs next to the escalators. Now, they are all gone.

The Download:

When you spend a lot of time on trail you get used to walking everywhere. Sometime there are stairs cut into the trail. These are usually a collection of flat rocks arranged as stairs or small logs cut into the dirt to make stairs. Regardless climbing stairs is a frequent occurrence on the trail. Granted, it can be a physically taxing occurrence, especially if you have a full load of food and water and you have to climb 1000+ feet to the top of a mountain.

But back in the “real world” stairs are disappearing. Places instead have escalators or elevators. Now, I get the need for elevators. After all, climbing up to the 38th floor of an office building before a meeting would suck. But have we become so lazy that we can not even walk up a single flight of stairs? This mall was only 2 floors and yet there are no stairs. So even if you wanted to take the more healthy option it would not be available to you. This is upsetting to me because I usually take the stairs for climbs less than 3 floors because it is faster than waiting behind someone on the escalator who will not move out of the way.

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