Leigh MichaelSaturday,6 July 2013

The Snap:

Melbourne’s Vance Joy has all of the trappings to make him a perfect musician. With exquisite lyrics and intoxicating instrumentals, it’s hard to not listen to his songs on repeat. You can listen to the self-described “slow burn” that is “From Afar,” and also carve out some time for the addictive “Riptide.” You can listen to a smattering of Vance Joy’s songs via SoundCloud.

You can buy Vance Joy’s EP, God Loves When You’re Dancing, here.

The Download:

I was driving up into the Redwoods this weekend – and if you’ve ever been there, you can understand the ethereal power that it hold over… well, anyone. So, we’re in the car, absently listening to the radio, and this comes on. And it just sort of felt like magic.

I don’t only attribute it to the setting.

Now, I know it’s not a totally new song – it came out in late March – and I hope you guys will forgive me for devoting a post to something that isn’t on the cusp of “newsworthy.” But Vance Joy really got to me. It’s the kind of song that you wish you could listen to over and over again – and it never gets old.

(By the way – This is a fun live version.. Chill-inducing, no?)

It’s been a little while since I’ve felt like I’ve hit musical gold. But I really think I’ve nailed it with Vance Joy. This Aussie dude has unassuming appeal – he isn’t trying to be something overdone, and it works. He also manages to combine a great harmony/melody with awesome lyrics. Take: “There’s this movie that I think you’ll like, // this guy decides to quit his job and heads to New York City, // this cowboy’s running from himself.” It isn’t too sappy.. it’s just good.

Listen to Vance Joy’s “Riptide.” Then listen to the rest of God Loves When You’re Dancing. The song is only 3:24 minutes – but it’s also a beautiful 3:24 minutes. And keep checking back, because I feel like this guy has a lot more to give us in the coming months.

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Vance JoyiTunes, SoundCloud, Image Credit: Flickr

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