Matt HealeyWednesday,3 July 2013

The Snap:

A few days ago I wrote a post called nothing ever changes. It was about the fact that despite being unplugged from the news for 10 weeks, the news was the same. This caused me to think about a post that Jackson Mead was going to write but has not. Since he hasn’t I am going to. The post is based on the star trek episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”

The Download:

Trekkies know the episode. It is a very thinly veiled…check that…it isn’t veiled at all – attack on racism. The following is from the summary on Wiki.

“In this episode, the Enterprise picks up two survivors (Lokai and Bele) of a war-torn planet who are still committed to destroying each other aboard the ship… Lokai’s most striking feature is that his skin is half black and half white, the two halves split perfectly down the center of his body.”

I think the same episode could be used to describe the state of the socialist destroyers of the economy (Democrats) and the evangelical christian party of god (Republicans). The reason I think we could use it to describe them both is that the tactics that they use are identical. Both are hypocritical. Both lie and abuse their power to help their special interests. The socialists clearly were in the wrong using the IRS to target groups that opposed them. The god squad was clearly wrong to leak Valarie Plames name because her husband opposed their crusade. Both parties have opposed and endorsed the filibuster of judges depending solely on who was in the majority at the time. Both have used procedural votes and tactics to obstruct the other, however I do think that the god squad has taken it to new levels since Obama won but I suspect that the socialists will raise the bar again if we get a god squad president. Both parties have abused executive power. W with the warrantless wire taps and Obama with Prisim. They are the same.

And yet they are different. The difference is not in the tactics or the lack of honesty. It is in the underlying positions. If you let the socialists they will over regulate business and that will result in slower economic growth. If you let the god squad they will create a theocracy based on their view of christianity. So the question is do you want big government invasive economic policies, or big government invasive social policies. Personally I would rather have the government over reach in economics than in my personal life, so I guess I prefer socialism to theocracy.

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