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The Snap:

MGMT ‘s new self-titled album is set for release on September  17th, and the duo plans on getting even weirder than before. Heavily influenced by house music, the band said they are “not trying to make music that everyone understands the first time they hear it,” which is nearly expected from the psychedelic rockers at this point.

The Download:

Only the two founders of the band — Benjamin Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden — were involved with the recording and creation of the upcoming LP, as was the case with their highly successful debut album. However, the group’s second studio release, Congratulations, was recorded with a full live band and was a little more “out there.”

Alien Days, the first official single to surface from the new album, features all the typical MGMT sounds – strange whispering voices, odd lyrics, a good beat, and lots and lots of synthesizers. They weren’t kidding about it not being easily understood, as I’ve had multiple listens and still have absolutely no clue what it means.

“Those days taught me everything I know
How to catch a feeling
And when to let it go
How all the scheming, soulless creatures
Can’t find dreamer’s honey in the hive
If it’s right beneath the nose”  

I’m not even going to try to interpret that, but I’m positive that there’s a deep meaning in there somewhere!

MGMT have previously shown glimpses of other new material in live performances, including Mystery Disease and Your Life is a Lie, both of which will be accompanied by videos in the future. While Youtube clips of live performances aren’t exactly the best way to judge music, the new songs certainly sound good, but still not what I would consider ‘house influenced’, either.

Other than the usual wacky lyrics, with track titles like “Good Song No. 2”, “Astro-Mancy”, and “Mystery Disease,” I won’t argue that they’re going to be weirder than before. They certainly stay in the realm of psychedelic with Alien Days, and it will be interesting to see how they manage to incorporate the new influences into their act, since there hasn’t been any signs of it yet.

Listen to Alien Days below.

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