Leigh MichaelMonday,24 June 2013

The Snap:

Deer Tick just released “The Rock,” a single off their upcoming album, Negativity. As the record’s title might suggest, Negativity promises to be much more introspective – and, ultimately, brooding, than the band’s previous material.

Lead singer John McCauley explains the thought process behind the song to Rolling Stone: “‘The Rock’ is a song about being in love with an artist and subsequently having your heart broken by that artist. The silly little metaphors in the song are ‘the rock’ which is the power to destroy your relationship, and ‘the window’ which is the relationship. I like the idea of a breakup being represented by shattering glass.”

Sounds about right to me. Deer Tick’s fifth album, Negativity, is due on 24 September.   

The Download:

I was really disappointed by 2011’s Divine Providence. It sort of felt like a waste to me – after the beautifully reflective material on The Black Dirt Sessions (“Twenty Miles” is shiver-inducing), Divine Providence seemed thoughtless, senseless, and abrasive. “Let’s All Go to the Bar” exemplifies the album. It’s like a party that you went to in college where you got too drunk because you were overwhelmed. In a word: A mess.

As much as I was underwhelmed by Divine Providence, I’m so excited about Negativity. McCauley and the rest of the crew are incredibly talented. When I saw their short (but sweet) teaser for the upcoming album, I was immediately struck by how much I felt like they had evolved. Yeah, I know it’s a 1:15 minute clip… but there’s something about the strangely hypnotic “The Rock” paired with the curious video footage that is beautiful.

It’s a real treat to get to hear “The Rock” in its entirety. The first minute is lullaby-esque before exploding into a profusion of vocals and instrumentals – and throughout, it feels like it’s vibrating with tension (in a good way).  There’s a tangible sense of cohesion throughout the song; it feels like the band put thought into every second of it. McCauley acknowledges that Deer Tick took this approach to the entire album: “There’s nothing silly about it. It seems pretty focused, too. I think anybody that thought we lost something with Divine Providence will probably like this one.” The band recorded a whopping 30 songs before narrowing in down to the final 12 that made it onto Negativity (can we listen to the other 18? Please?).

Deer Tick is currently serenading the contiguous 48 this summer — you can check out their tour dates via their website. You can also use Bandisintown to get notified when they perform near you.

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