Matt HealeySaturday,22 June 2013

The Snap:

Battery life is a significant concern when hiking. When you are spending several days between towns you can not simply leave your smartphone on all the time. Because of this, you become disconnected from the world. You can not constantly check your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It is a very pleasent feeling once you get used to it.

The Download:

We hear it all the time. People talking about the need to unplug and relax. Our co-workers talk about the need to take a vacation to unwind. Given all of this talk I would expect that a feature that resorts and vacation spots would offer was no or limited Wi-Fi. If we really wanted to unplug, then this would be a great option. Only offer Wi-Fi in limited areas, like the lobby. Turns out there is such a place. It is called the Pink Beach Club in Bermuda. I am spending my anniversary there and they have no TV in the rooms and no Wi-Fi except the common lobby. I love it, but they are in trouble and the hotel is being sold. They can not make it work because people, despite their complaints, do not want to unplug. They want to complain about not being able to.

The nice thing about the Appalachian Trail is that you have to unplug. You have to disconnect or carry a much heavier pack so you can have enough batter power. It is a bit disconcerting at first, but after a few weeks you get used to it and it and begin to enjoy the feeling. But it is an acquired feeling.

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