Leigh MichaelThursday,20 June 2013

The Snap:

Aaron Harris and Jesse Newkirk of Steel Phantoms describe their band as “punk w/ atmosphere.” Although it may feel difficult to visualize what this actually sounds like without having a listen, the duo is spot-on. Steel Phantoms combines ragged vocals, frenzied drumming, and unruffled guitar to create a musical cocktail that is equal parks punk and indie. The Brooklyn-based band recently released “Matt LeBlanc,” a single off their upcoming EP. You can snag the album on 16 July. If you live in the tri-state area, try to make it to one of their shows – they’re making their mark throughout New York City.

The Download:

The fact that “Matt LeBlanc” was released via Spin gives us some tangible proof that these guys are gaining momentum. Their material contrasts with the earnest croons and ethereal instrumentals that dominate the music scene today, and the change is refreshing. Not that there’s anything wrong with earnest croons and ethereal instrumentals – I love ’em. But it’s fun to listen to something that almost sounds Yeah Yeah Yeahs-esque sometimes.

I really like “Matt LeBlanc,” but I think that their true triumph is “Curtain Call.” It’s got that awesome garage band sound — with some serious finesse. Other gems include “Bedouin” and “Short Stuff,” which you can listen to on SoundCloud. But really, check out this cool live version of “Short Stuff” — I think it also reflects that the duo got their start in front of an audience, rather than behind the walls of a studio.

When Steel Phantoms releases their self-titled EP in July, add it to your summer playlist. It’s an awesome recipe of energy and cool… And Harris and Newkirk are both so obviously delighted by their growing popularity that it’s sort of contagious.

Steel Phantoms – “Short Stuff” from CANNONS on Vimeo.

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