Matt HealeyTuesday,18 June 2013

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As of the end of May I had managed to workout 108 days. My definition of a workout includes high impact recreational activities. So, for example a day of hiking or skiing counts as a workout day. My goal is 240 days over this calendar year.

The Download:

The positive effects of this exercise regiment is that I am feeling much better and have lost over 30 lbs this year. I suspect that as I continue the Appalachian Trail hike, that trend will continue, albeit perhaps not as fast. Additionally, I have taken almost 8 minutes off of the 3.9 mile run I do. However there is a downside. Namely, I am sore most of the time.

When you are on trail this is normal. You ache a lot. Your feet hurt from far too many miles. You are hungry because you cannot carry enough calories. Your shoulders and back are sore from the pack. For me, a new pain this last segment was chafing on my left hip from the pack belt. Apparently the weight loss has removed a layer of padding from where the belt sits. Compound this with questionable nights of rest because you are either sleeping on plywood shelter floors or the ground. The problem is when you are off. I still want to workout so I do and that results in sore muscles. I expect this when hiking. I am less patient with it when I am not hiking.

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