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On 11 June, Surfer Blood will release the highly anticipated PythonsThe band has been noticeably absent since Astro Coast’s debut back in 2010, so the upcoming album is a welcome addition to the many notable records that have release dates summer. NPR’s First Listen showcases 10 of Python’s songs — stream them for free and enjoy.

The band, who met at an Ultra Music Festival afterparty, has drawn comparisons with everyone from Weezer to the Beach Boys. Their sophomore album retains the beach party vibe that made Astro Coast so popular, a fact that will relieve fans who have been waiting for this record with bated breath.

Surfer Blood is currently on tour with Foals — you can check out their schedule here.

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Fun Fact: Had things gone differently, I would be referring to the band in this article as “Jabroni Sandwich.” In the group’s young, carefree youth, they thought that fame and this name were intrinsically linked. It was not to be.

However, under the moniker Surfer Blood, the four-person band is thriving. When the single “Swim” was released in 2009, it was instantly met with explosively positive reviews (point proven and point proven again) that solidified their hold in the up-and-coming music niche. Their songs are operas to surfers — or to anyone who dreams of being a surfer.

It’s been three years since the enormously popular Astro Coast made its debut. And no pressure to them, but expectations are high. If NPR’s First Listen is any evidence of what’s to come, clearly the band has flourished since their first release. Describing Pythons as “a dynamite summer pop record which opts to address its worries by dousing them in sunshine,” NPR writer Stephen Thompson hits the proverbial nail on the head. Their music is fun. It isn’t laden with complexity, and it isn’t rocket science. It’s good ole’ fashioned “I’m driving to the beach and I need a soundtrack to go along with it” stuff.

Be sure to enjoy “Weird Shapes” and “Say Yes to Me” — and when you’re done with those two, treat your ears to the rest. Also, be sure to watch their hilarious video for “Demon Dance,” an ode to long work shifts, wild imaginations, and prom photos. This is easily my favorite song that I’ve heard off the album. I have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to like it, too. “Gravity” is a close second, with frenzied energy that forces you to let loose a little. Put this album into your iPod rotation. It will be a welcome surprise whenever one of the tracks fills your speakers.

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