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The Snap:

Of Monsters and Men recently performed a Takeaway Show in conjunction with kickass French music podcaster La Blogothèque. Their performance found them wandering through the streets of Rome whilst simultaneously playing some of their infectious songs.

The seven-member group hails from Iceland and have developed an iconic sound in thanks to the male/female vocals shared by Ragnar Þórhallsson and Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir. In the past year, they’ve exploded in popularity, cropping up in tv ads and awards nominations alike.

The Download:

Of Monsters and Men took the USA by storm — without even stepping foot on American soil (check out this sweet slideshow for some in-depth analysis… no, I’m not joking that this actually exists, and no, I’m not joking that it’s actually worth looking at).

In 2011, “Little Talks” began to grab some attention in North America… which quickly evolved into obsessive fanaticism. It’s little wonder why — they’ve got an irresistible sound that is hard to turn away from. The single met enormous success and made the Top Charts in 22 countries. Add to that an MTV nomination for their awesome music video (have I mentioned that these guys are creative?) and the rest is sort of history. The band members of Of Monsters and Men are a little confused. In a session with Interview Magazine, they said bewilderedly, “It’s a new thing for us. It’s weird for us… not many Icelandic bands get to tour a lot outside of Iceland, so that alone is just mind-blowing for us. It’s still kind of new to us. We’re just kind of getting used to it.”

The Takeaway Show is really fun because it showcases the the band away from television ads and shopping mall speakers. Even if you feel like you’ve heard “Little Talks” one time too many, this will remind you why this group is so damn lovable. And talented. Mustn’t forget talented.

The band also recently released a pretty stunning music video for “King and Lionheart,” in which Game of Thrones and an acid trip seem to join forces. Take a look.

To catch them on tour, prepare to hone your scalping skills. The shows seem to sell out at a crazy rate (and for a hefty price tag, too).

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Of Monsters and Men, iTunes, La Blogotheque, PBS, Interview Magazine, Image Credit: Flickr


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