Matt HealeySunday,2 June 2013

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According to a lot of fellow hikers I am fast. I cover a lot of miles every day. The thing is I don’t feel like I walk much faster than everyone else. So then how come I can cover more miles per day? It turns out that I don’t stop for breaks nearly as often.

The Download:

For some hikers the day goes like this: Wake up and get on trail by 9:30am to 10:00am. Hike about 2 hours and then take a 1 hour lunch break. Hike for another couple of hours and then take a “5 minute” break. I put that in quotes because the break is almost always 30 to 45 minutes. Another 2 hours of walking and then the realization that you have only done 9ish of the 15 miles that you wanted to, and it is already 5pm. So you check the map and find a spot to camp short of the planned location.

My approach is to get on trail by 9:30am, walking 4 to 5 hours with out stopping for more than the time required to take a picture. I then check the maps and realize that I have covered 10 of the planned miles and it is now 1:30pm. So I have plenty of time to make it to the planned stop. At this point I usually slow down a bit more. I arrive at the shelter at around 5pm. The difference is not in our paces, it is in when and how long we stop. I seems to me that this is a key not only to hiking, but also to any other type of project — professional or personal. If you want to accomplish something, then just keep moving forward.

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