Adrienne BoettingerFriday,31 May 2013

The Snap:

In this month’s issue, we’ll discuss the meteoric rise to power and vast accomplishments of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. As this generation’s Reagan and friend to the poor, Cruz uses his legislative acumen to champion the plight of the common man, protect and defend the Constitution, and make Congress work for the people that elected them in the first place… I thought I could get through this paragraph without vomiting in my own mouth and I came pretty close. I made it all the way through the first part of the first sentence.

The Download:

On Wednesday I nearly drove off the side of the highway as I listened to a story on NPR on the definition of insanity. After months and months of justifiably berating Senate Democrats for failing to pass a budget since 1999, a few plucky Republican Senators are preventing any actual budget negotiations with the House. One of them was our boy Ted who definitely lost his invite to make s’mores with Senator McCain at camp this summer when Cruz said not only does he not trust Democrats to responsibly approach the debt ceiling or the budget, he also doesn’t trust Republicans.

This is an interesting idea. Not the idea of not trusting Republicans—although I disagree with most of what the Republican Party’s platform, I don’t find it useful to indiscriminately lump whole groups of people into trustworthy/untrustworthy columns. What is interesting is Cruz’ idea of governance, which manifests itself in blocking negotiations for legislation because of his fears that he won’t get his way. That’s how he’s operating now with the budget and that’s how he operated during the bipartisan Manchin-Toomey proposal for background checks. He feared that the bill would lead to the creation of a federal gun registry — despite the proposed amendment explicitly outlawing such a registry — so he and a few pals essentially filibustered the amendment. (For those conservative friends of mine who’ve managed to read this far, if you check out his record, you’ll find Cruz is more of a centrist than he is a conservative).

He reminds me of that kid in grade school. You know, the one who as soon as he saw that you might win that game of checkers, he’d flip the board. He’s the kid who holds his breath ‘til he turns blue and throws a tantrum to get his way. Way to go, Texas. You elected an asshat who denies climate change exists, refuses aid to those impacted by huge natural disasters, and just looks like a major crapweasel. However, considering you elected him to an organization that has focused 20 percent of its legislative efforts in the past 10 years on naming post offices, what damage can he actually do?

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