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The Snap: 

Perpetually uplifting indie band Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros has released their first single since 2012’s Here. The self-titled album comes out 23 July.

The song has gotten mixed reviews – Pretty Much Amazing notes that it “sounds simultaneously like a religious procession and a backdoor porch lament” while USA Today observes, “What’s not to love about a song where a guy looks into a tear-stained face and optimistically sees a brighter future?” Decide for yourself and listen here.

The Download:

Of the upcoming album, frontman Alex Ebert says, “These songs mean everything to me. It’s the rawest, most liberated, most rambunctious stuff we’ve done.” The latter descriptions are bold claims, in light of the fact that the band’s first two albums have presented songs like “Fiya Wata” and “Home,” which define “raw,” “liberated,” and “rambunctious” to me.

I really liked “Better Days.” It’s an unconventional love song – simple in structure but poignant. Edward Sharpe’s lyrics have never been on par with undeniable poetry that some artists concoct, but these guys have the personality to turn verses like “Dreaming better, dreaming better, better ways // Too dumb to say goodbye, now that’s some give up shit, make me wanna cry // Just know that every time I look in your eye, I see better, I see better, better days” into artistic brilliance.

Alex Ebert has, uh, evolved. He got his musical start at 19 with the punk/pop/rap band Ima Robot (your head will hurt with the contrast), got entrenched in the LA party scene, and finally went to rehab to overcome a heroin addiction. This is where he got the vision of Edward Sharpe, a messianic alter ego. While the musical collective has a definitively hippie vibe, it’s interesting to consider that Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes got its roots in a very different scene.

Enjoy “Better Days” and look out for upcoming shows. These guys are in their element live – it’s like watching a party and a concert make babies.

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