Leigh MichaelThursday,23 May 2013

The Snap:

You know you’ve hit it big when you get a guest spot on a TV show. But you’re explosive when you get asked to be on The Simpsons.

Sigur Ros appeared on 19 May’s episode  of the USA’s longest running television series. You can check out the episode here. The guest spot comes just in time for Ros’s new album, Kveikur, which comes out 18 June. For the small portion of you who don’t speak Icelandic, the title translates to “priming.”

The Download:

Sigur Ros has a talent for adding a touch of ethereal to just about anything; their songs could come on in a Walmart or grocery store and make the experience feel otherworldly and epic.

At first it seems like this Reykjavik-based band and America’s most beloved cartoon characters make an unlikely pair. But that’s what makes Sigur Ros so… cool. They give everything 110% – be it a TV show or inventing their own language. Yeah, you read that correctly.

The band uses “Vonlenska” in many of their songs, kindly defined by Urban Dictionary as: “‘Language’ used by the band Sigur Ros, also known as Hopelandic, or more commonly known as Gibberish. Used in their songs to go with the melody, not necessarily make sense.” The fact that their albums aren’t packed with profound messages or poetic ballads doesn’t detract from the band — they create beautiful songs.

Sigur Ros recently released a single from the upcoming Kveiker, which you can listen to here. Like many of their previous pieces, “Isjaki” will creep under your skin and stay there; it’s instantly impressive, yet only seems to appreciate in “musical value” the more you listen to it. Bottom line — get excited about Kveiker. It’s guaranteed to be great.

But back to the important stuff. In a healthy (and deserved) dose of self-horn-tooting, Sigur Ros explained of their role: “The band’s music scores Homer’s visit to Iceland, make an unprecedented musical collaboration between the show and a band; with this episode, Sigur Ros have written and performed more original music for The Simpsons than any other outside band in the show’s history.” Sounds good to me. Unwind and watch the episode!

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