Joe GransingerTuesday,21 May 2013

The Snap:

The Mouth of Ghosts are set to release their 4-song sophomore EP — You Will Go Again From Me — on June 10th. If you haven’t heard anything from the band before, then be sure to check out their debut release, When the Sun Sets, which is currently available to download from their website for free.

The Download:

Six months ago, The Mouth of Ghosts teased us with a rough edit version of You Will Go, and mentioned that a new EP was in the works for 2013. We now have a solid release date and a small glimpse of the new EP in the form of Right on Time, the catchiest and most cheerful single on the album. I certainly won’t say it’s a happy song, but in comparison to the usual depressing and angry vibe of a TMoG song, it’s pretty damn happy. Featuring a spooky and calm sound, the track puts their Portishead influences front and center while still maintaining their originality.

The album’s opening track – Wrong – is done in a more traditional sense to the band, with soft wailing vocals and an impressive bass line pounding in the background. The song wraps up with a quick flurry of vocalist Alla Seydalieva repeatedly telling you that you’re wrong.

Winter’s Song is a slow, sad, soulful six minute ballad that brings the album to a near halt. This isn’t something we saw on their debut EP, and the introduction of a slower song works wonderfully for the band and breaks up the album’s fast pace. The track also brings out the trippy aspects of the band, featuring a constant source of electronic music in the background that occasionally gets trumped by the crooning synth.

The album is finished off by You Will Go, where Alla’s delicate vocals truly shine. If Winter’s Song shows the trip-hop side of the band, You Will Go shows the hard rock side. Dirty guitar riffs nearly overtake the vocals midway through the song, until they drop away and leave us with an aura of synthesized calmness for the last minute and a half.

You Will Go Again From Me is a solid follow up to The Mouth of Ghosts’ debut EP, and really shows just how much this band has matured in the past year. Winter’s Song and Right on Time would have seemed out of place on When the Sun Sets, yet they feel right at home here.

Be sure to keep an eye on their official website for more information about the release on June 10th.

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