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The Love Language released a single off their upcoming album, Ruby Red, due out 23 July. “Calm Down” somehow feels grander than the group’s previous works, indicating that the upcoming album has evolved to deliver a different sound from 2010’s Libraries. You can preorder the album here.

The Download:

Stuart McLamb founded The Love Language back in 2008. He had just broken up with his girlfriend, he was drinking a lot, and he was spiraling into some pretty serious depression. While living at his parents’ house, McLamb wrote a bunch of emotionally-wrenching songs with the intention of sharing them (solely) with his ex.

And thus The Love Language was born.

It might seem a little ironic, in light of the band’s name, that the group was formed around a breakup. But listen to any of McLamb’s songs and it will make one hell of a lot of sense. The “band” is actually McLamb featuring a collaboration of different musicians. This gives every album a pretty versatile feel, as there are so many different musicians chiming in throughout, but the underlying McLamb factor gives it an overall sense of fluidity.

Based in North Carolina, The Love Language has a little hint of a southern twang that gives it a kick without overpowering the indie vibes.

To explore how The Love Language has evolved, you should check out a few songs from each of their three albums. The Love Languagereleased back in 2008, has a slightly “garage band” feel… “Lalita” will give you a good taste. 2010’s Libraries has a definitively smoother approach. Give “Heart to Tell” a listen for a good sampling of what the album has to offer.

Ruby Red doesn’t come out until the summer, so in the meantime make sure to check out the Hear Ya Sessions (here and here) to stave off the musical hunger.

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