Leigh MichaelTuesday,14 May 2013

The Snap:

Give your ears a treat this week with Poor Moon. The band slipped into the music scene about a year ago and have been quietly gaining momentum since.

The four-member group includes Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott, both of whom are members of Fleet Foxes. Poor Moon released their first self-titled full length album last August and are currently playing in selected shows around the Seattle area. You can buy Poor Moon here – and be sure to check their Facebook page to stay updated on concert offerings.

The Download:

It’s no big secret that I love Fleet Foxes. Were you to take a gander through my iTunes “Most Played” playlist, there wouldn’t be any surprises there. So it’s little wonder that Poor Moon has been another favorite of mine. The vibe of Fleet Foxes seeps into these songs (courtesy of Wargo and Wescott), but Ian and Peter Murray add something fresh so that it doesn’t feel like yet another rip-off of a “band that made it.”

Christian Wargo is the songwriter; the band was formed around his solo compositions that he shared with his three buddies. The band’s output feels a little confusing — the sound is airy and even a little whimsical, but the lyrics can be downright melancholy. The video for “Holiday” seems to exemplify this — it’s hard to tell whether you end the song/film feeling inspired or downright depressed (you decide).

Listen to “People in Her Mind” and “Birds” for more of this whimsical stuff — or cut the crap and just download the album.

Get a taste of these guys through a full stream of Illusion, the band’s EP. Poor Moon also did a pretty great session with Daytrotter back in September and an equally fun SXSW Session. Like Fleet Foxes, I’m feeling like I want more from them — but like all good things, I guess this will just take time.

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