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Savages are a newly formed post-punk all-female rock group hailing from London, England. They recently released their debut album, Silence Yourself, which instantly became a contender for the best album of the year so far.

The Download:

Well, there’s no pussyfooting around with Savages; they came to play music, and they came to play it loud. The album kicks off with the single Shut Up, which begins with front-woman Jehnny Beth using her super-sexy French-English accent to recite a poem of how the world needs to shut the hell up and just listen. It eventually sets the tone for the entire album, which is pure, fast paced, high intensity rock. The band’s Facebook page lists the official genre as “Loud, quite loud” — which couldn’t be more spot on.

There aren’t many similarities between Savages and other modern rock bands, but they do show hints of influence from older punk groups, most notably Joy Division. Their reckless yet near-perfect synchronization is extremely impressive, especially since they can pull it off at live shows flawlessly.

When listening to tracks such as She Will, Husbands, and No Face, you begin to understand the true image that Savages portray. They’re not trying to be cute, or funny, or shy. They are completely in your face, and they will get their message across – whether you like it or not. Dressed in all black with short cut hair, they’re all business.

Silence Yourself does have a few weak songs (as all albums do), but never once did I have the urge to hit “Next Track” while it looped. After Shut Up plays, the album keeps up a good pace and doesn’t slow down until Waiting for a Sign, the fifth track on the album. Heavier and slower than the rest, its bass-filled sound breaks the routine of a yelling Beth, and delivers a beast of a song that nearly crosses into the metal genre. Silence Yourself quickly picks the speed back up until the closing track, Marshal Dear, offers a very soft, very dark song done in a traditional, old-timey taste.

In a dark and brutal debut, Savages have created a wonderful album that creates solid foundation for the bands future. Silence Yourself shows that Savages are more than a run-of-the-mill upstart post-punk band. They haven’t cornered themselves into one sound or style, and they’ve shown that they can create great music in a variety of fashions. As far as debut albums go, it doesn’t get much more powerful than this.

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