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The Snap:

This weekend, Warner Brothers is releasing The Great Gatsby, the latest highly-anticipated film by director Baz Luhrmann. Its soundtrack has gotten the same level of hype. The album, which was produced by Jay-Z (who also has a song featured on it), showcases prominent artists in the music industry today.

Director Baz Luhrmann explained to MTV, “[The idea] didn’t come from ‘Let’s make a great soundtrack, it came from Fitzgerald… [we tried to solve] the problem of ‘How do you reveal the book, but how do you make it feel the way it felt to read it in 1925? If Fitzgerald coined the phrase ‘The Jazz Age,’ then I think we’re living in ‘The Hip Hop Age.'”

You can buy the album (which is packed with big names across virtually every musical genre) here.

The Download:

Mix Jay-Z, Florence + The Machine, Beyonce, Jack White, and Lana Del Ray and what do you get? A musical interpretation of what is widely regarded as the “Great American Novel.” A little random, yes – But it seems a perfect testament to a book that has played such a formative role on such a wide variety of generations.

And the music’s just good.

The film has had a rocky journey to making it to the big screen — its release date was (in)famously pushed back nearly six months — but audiences have been tantalized by the trailers that have been taking televisions by storm. These previews also offered snippets of the soundtrack, but even that did little justice to the final result.

Last week, NPR released a First Listen of The Great Gatsby‘s music.’s “Bang Bang” is probably one of the best hip hop / swing combos out there — not that there’s a ton of competition in that niche, but still. “Love is Blindness” showcases the incredible talent of Jack White and could arguably even outshine the original version by U2. Florence + The Machine completely kills it – no shocker there – with “Over the Love.”

I could go on, but I would just listen to the album and get a taste of the awesome hodgepodge of music that this soundtrack presents. It’s completely random – but that’s what makes it so cool. When listened to in full The Great Gatsby Soundtrack has the feel of an awesome mixtape that a friend with some great taste made.

I haven’t watched the movie yet – and to be honest, I’m not sure how this huge variety of different artists/songs/sounds will flow on the screen. But even if it doesn’t totally work, at least we’ve got an awesome album out of it.


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