Shane BarnhillWednesday,8 May 2013

The Snap:

I barely have time to write this post. You see, it’s killing me — killing me — to put down my iPhone long enough to stop playing Dots, the new mobile game from Betaworks. The game has a simple premise — connecting dots of the same color — and yet, it’s surprisingly addictive. Dots is available for iOS devices only (you’re SOL once again, Android suckers!), and currently sits in 4th place among free apps in Apple’s iTunes Store.

The Download:

The best part about Dots is its simplicity. To play, you simply draw straight lines and right angles with your finger to connect dots of the same color along. It’s an intuitive mission — the more dots you connect, the more points you earn. Furthermore, if you trace a square or a rectangle, then you’ll earn higher point totals, and all of the like-colored dots will be cleared from the screen (which is a good thing). Dots features an in-app currency — called, appropriately enough, “dots” — which can be used to buy special capabilities, such as the power to remove those pesky dots that are blocking a long line or square of the same color.

Another interesting thing about Dots is that it’s obviously been built with our ever-decreasing attention spans in mind. Each game lasts only 60 seconds, and when time is up, the game immediately compares your latest score against both your best scores and those of your Twitter and Facebook friends (assuming you connect the game to those networks). Another stimulus to fill the 5 seconds in between games! My 140-character attention span can’t get enough.

Dots is also beautifully designed. TechCrunch’s Jordan Crook titled his review “Dots, The Most Beautiful Mobile Game I’ve Ever Seen” — and it’s clear why. The game’s minimalist design, with its ample white space, spartan color scheme and use of “flat design,” reduces all distractions and draws a player’s eyes to the dots that need focus.

In summary, Dots is the perfect mobile game. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s social. It’s geared for short attention spans. It appeals to both adults and kids alike. Because of these factors, Dots is already a huge success. As the Betaworks team brags notes: “In just one week, Dots has been downloaded 1 million times, has become the #1 app in 8 countries, and is a top 5 app in 15 other countries.”

You should go download it now, especially if you want to find me — because I’m off to play another game.

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TechCrunch, The New York Times, Betaworks, Social Times, Nick Bilton, Internet SlangImage Credit: Flickr

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