Matt HealeySunday,5 May 2013

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There are things that you miss when you are a long hike. Clearly you can not carry everything you need. Anyone who has traveled knows that. In the interest of weight, you have to leave some things behind. On a hike, this is amplified as you do not really want to carry more than 40 lbs.

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The are the obvious things that you miss when you are hiking. Things like indoor plumbing, beds with sheets, hot food that does not require you to boil a cup of water. Then there are the non-obvious things. I have been discovering some of these things. The first of these is garbage cans. When you are hiking you have to pack out your trash. So that means that you carry a zip lock bag in your pocket so that you can put Cliff bar wrappers, Gu wrappers, oatmeal packets, wrappers from noodles, etc. After a few days this bag becomes large, sticky, and smelly. But you can not get rid of it until you get into a town with a trash can.

The other thing you miss is napkins. Generally for eating and cleaning up. The thing is that you go so many days between showers – generally 3-6 – that your hands and face become kind of nasty but there is nothing you can do. If you had napkins to be able to clean your hands after a meal, things would be better. But that would be more trash to pack out. The result is I miss napkins.

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