Matt HealeySunday,21 April 2013

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As most of you know I have taken some time off to hike the Appalachian Trial. This is a enormous undertaking. I have been tweeting my location and posting some pictures to Facebook. I am also keeping a trail journal but since it is pen and paper I thought that I would use these entries to come up with a typical day.

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Last night was a tent site night. Which means that I got a later start on the trail than a shelter night. There tends to be more concentrated activity at the shelters so it is easier to wake up earlier and get the coffee brewed. When I am at a tent site, that is not the case so I tend to sleep in. I got on the trail at around 10 AM, which is fine because I am only going about 12 miles. Given the distance and the elevation change that should take about 7 hours.

The challenge is not the physical. It is, but that part is easy to deal with. There have been two difficult climbs so far. The first was up to the top of Albert Mountain. This was .3 miles long and up 385 feet. As a side note for non-hikers, any climb of over 1000 feet a mile is hard. The second was called Jacobs Ladder. This was up .6 miles up 600 feet. But these are simply physical challenges and if you slow your pace you can make it. The real challenge is the mental part. It is difficult to be away from family and friends for the entire time. Because of this, I am still hiking, but I am going to take more breaks to see my wife and family. This will likely mean that I do not end up thru hiking the entire trail, but skipping over the sections that I have already hiked.

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