Joe GransingerTuesday,16 April 2013

The Snap:

After a long hiatus, Modest Mouse are finally back on the scene. While playing Coachella this week, we got a taste of their new song “Be Brave”, which could be a sign of a new album in the works. The band has two more shows here in the States before kicking off an elaborate European tour in June.

The Download:

I’m almost thankful that Modest Mouse has disappeared for the last five years, because it was getting to the point where nearly every new band seemed to have a bit of Mouse in them. And now that we have a new song to drool over, it’s incredibly refreshing to see that they haven’t changed their sound one bit. The new song sounds like it could have came right off one of their previous albums, especially their 2007 release “We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank”. Seriously, listen to “March into the Sea”, then listen to “Be Brave”, and then try to tell me you can hear a six-year gap between them.

There was a point where I was madly in love with Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand. In fact, those two bands rounded out the soundtrack to an entire summer for me. Good music paired with quirky videos for “Float On” and “Take Me Out” really connected with me at the time – not to mention that they’re both still great songs. And with Franz Ferdinand flaunting new songs for their upcoming album this summer, a new Modest Mouse album would put the icing on the cake.

A a couple songs have trickled out over the last year through live shows, such as “Poison the Well” and “Heart of Mine” – but whether these will be on the new album (when/if it ever comes out) is unknown. I’m a lot more concerned with the question of if it will come out than I am about when it will come out, since there is still no official word of an album at all. It’s been a long time since their last full-length album, but with more and more music slowly making its way to listeners, I’m extremely excited (and optimistic!) to see what Modest Mouse will do in the next few months.

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