Leigh MichaelTuesday,16 April 2013

The Snap:

From 12-15 and 19-22 April, Coachella once again steals the show in Southern California. Boasting a varied lineup and a ceaseless stage presence, the music festival is a highlight for fans across a wide spectrum of genres. Coachella attracts over 100,000 people annually, making its mark as one of the grandest music events in the country – both in scale and variety.

The Download:

I live in San Francisco, and I write music posts for The Snap Download. And I am not currently typing this up from my camp spot at Coachella.

Am I ashamed? Yeah, I am. (Truth be told, the reason that Coachella and I are not sharing a magical weekend together was sort of beyond my control – but no excuses, right?)

So, while I’m enviously sitting 7 hours north of the overwhelmingly awesome musical hub – seriously guys, take a look at the artists/groups that are playing this year! – I can’t help but be in awe of how much Coachella has taken the west coast by storm. Hell, it’s taken the country by storm. This festival is an epidemic that everyone wants to catch. And for around $400, the bug’s all yours.

But Coachella isn’t just about the music. Street style websites have cropped up, turning the festival into an impromptu catwalk. It’s all about thevibe. Coachella creates an experience – the music, combined with the clothes and the camping, makes everyone feel like they’re a part of Woodstock. It might not be time travel, but it’s pretty damn close.

And this it feels like 90% of California will be found stretched across a bunch of fields in Indio for the next two weekends. Coachella is a great way to see a ton of great music – but it’s also a great way to have a days-long party. And few are going to pass that up.

Here are some highlight videos that have surfaced thus far:
— Alt-J plays “Fitzpleasure”
— R. Kelly AND Phoenix jam together (see video below)
— Blur plays “Song Two” and “Boys and Girls”
— XX and their full set-list
— James Blake plays “Voyeur” and “Digital Lion”
— And tune into Coachella’s live stream for a pick-me-up throughout the day

Hat Tips:
WSJ, NPR, Spin, Image Credit: Flickr

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