Leigh MichaelThursday,11 April 2013

The Snap:

Awesome folk band The Lumineers recently released their tour dates for 2013 — check out to see whether they’re hitting up your area. Five members strong, this group got big after people fell in love with “Ho Hey.” And with its expressive lyrics and completely catchy melody, who can really blame them?

The Lumineers also recently unveiled their official music video for “Stubborn Love.” The members themselves don’t get much facetime — but we forget about that, because it’s the little girl in the film who steals the show. This is a band that is going places — and we don’t need their two Grammy nominations to prove it.

The Download:

I know that I am not alone in loving The Lumineers. But still, they’ve got some quality to their songs that makes this band feel like my own special secret whenever I listen to them. Yeah, yeah, their Youtube videos have like 60,000,000 views. And sure, they were nominated for a couple of Grammys. Whatever. They’re still my happy place.

Recently, I came across a Takeaway Show that was filmed back in January with these guys — see here and here. It made me realize — this is not just a band that you’re meant to keep to yourself. They’ve got an awesome singalong quality that will draw you in, absorb you, and enchant you. And so what if they’re exploding with popularity? As far as this band goes, the more you get to listen to them, the better.

The band released freshman album The Lumineers last year. Far from being a “one hit wonder,” I think we have many years of great stuff to look forward to with these guys. I’m excited to be along for the ride.

Oh. And whether you have a love for TV shows about country music singers (who all happen to look really good) or not, make sure to check out this amazing cover of “Ho Hey.” And because you’ll want to see more of this adorable duo, here’s their Youtube channel. You will thank me later.

Hat Tips:

The Lumineers, World Cafe, SoundCloud, Image Credit: Flickr

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