Joe GransingerWednesday,10 April 2013

The Snap:

The Swedish electronic duo The Knife have released their latest album “Shaking the Habitual” – their first since 2006. The anticipation of the new offering is much deserved, as the group won all six categories that they were nominated in at the Swedish Grammy’s in 2007, and Silent Shout was named ‘Best Album of 2006’ by Pitchfork. The entire album is currently available to stream here, or purchase here.

The Download:

If you’re interested in weird things, The Knife are for you. They rarely show their faces – and generally cover them with Venetian bird masks – and boycott award shows to express disgust with the sexist divide in categories. They don’t look like your average band, and they don’t sound like them either. Varying from a dance-influenced sound in ‘Neverland’ to a slower, more passionate style in ‘Marble House’ (what can be more passionate than the sound of whales?), The Knife are near impossible to corral into a specific genre. In fact, they’ve said their influences include Trailer Park Boys, Donnie Darko, and Doom, which just about says it all.

After seven years, it’s good to see The Knife back in the music world. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear about them until about three years ago, and while my experience wasn’t quite as interesting as this little rabbit’s story, it was still a very enjoyable find. Not many bands share the same style as The Knife, and their uniqueness is very attracting in a weird, curious, mysterious way. Their odd and anti-social personalities pair with the music perfectly, almost as if you can understand them through their music.

It doesn’t appear that they’ve missed a beat during their multi-year layoff, as the newest single “Tooth for an Eye” continues with well put together, catchy and worldly music with soft vocals (and a fairly feminist video to go along with it). After listening to the album in it’s entirety, it’s clear that this is going to be another great release by the group – and let’s hope we won’t have to wait another seven years to hear the next one.

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Pitchfork, Image Credit: Flickr

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