Joe GransingerThursday,4 April 2013

The Snap:

The Flaming Lips will be releasing their next full-length album ‘The Terror’ later this month. They’ve also just finished the video for “Ashes in the Air” featuring Bon Iver, which was featured on their previous album “The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends”.

The Download:

I find it a little strange that The Flaming Lips are releasing a video for a song from their previous album instead of from their upcoming album, but then again, the band isn’t known for doing anything the normal way. They have released a few videos via their Youtube channel that features the band discussing songs from the album, which is definitely interesting to hear.

They also have uploaded a video that previews the new album with clips of each song, and so far it sounds quite nice. It’s more progressive, experimental, and a bit darker than some of their previous albums. The band has been making music for roughly 30 years and their style has changed quite a few times since starting up in 1983, and it’s awesome that they’re still pushing themselves to create new sounds. A couple of their new songs were on display at SXSW this year, such as “Always There in Our Hearts” and “Look… The Sun is Rising”.

They’ve also released a video for “Ashes in the Air” featuring Bon Iver, which is a solid song, but the video is just fucking weird. It has everything you don’t want to see, and nothing that you do. There’s a lot of blood, dead bodies, brains, dirty naked people, and a creepy baby with an adult face that’s eventually dropped into a meat grinder. I’m a huge fan of creative, outside-of-the-box music videos that are labelled weird or strange, but this one just seems to take it a little too far. It’s not funny and it doesn’t really make you think – it’s just gruesome images, death, and other creepy shit all rolled into a 4 minute video.

The Terror is out 4/16, and if that video sounded like something you want to see, click play below (after you call your therapist, of course).

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