Joe GransingerMonday,1 April 2013

The Snap:

March Madness is finally coming to a close with the final four teams decided on Sunday, and everyone’s brackets have been completely destroyed. There’s been no shortage of upsets and Cinderella stories this year, which is the point of March Madness. Well, other than recovering from a vasectomy, which is apparently much more common than I imagined.


The Download:

My bracket was looking good this year and I was pretty confident I was going take the cake. That is, until Georgetown was bounced out the tournament harder than a Florida Gulf Coast University slam dunk – which unfortunately happened pretty damn early in the tournament. So while my bracket (and plenty of others) was completely busted in the early rounds, the interest in March Madness never stops there.

The worst thing that can happen during this crazy month of amateur basketball is the potential of having a Final Four that consists of all top seeds. How boring! But let’s be real, once “your team” is out of the tourney, you’re pulling for the underdogs. There’s not many things better than seeing a near- unknown team with the #15 seed (FGCU) bring down a #2, or a #9 (Wichita St.) make it to the Final Four. Things that like aren’t suppose to happen, but this year seemed to be packed full of those magical moments.

Although the tournament isn’t over yet, most of the Cinderella stories and upsets are – except for Wichita State. Being an Ohio State fan, the only thing I care about from that perspective is that Michigan loses. However, from an all around sports-lover perspective, I really want Wichita State to win it all. The lowest seed ever to win the NCAA tournament was Villanova at #8 in 1985, and #9 Wichita State could change that this year.

Unfortunately, with March gone we’ll have to start interacting with real people again, instead of just Dick Vitale and the ESPN commentators. Just when I was starting to enjoy neglecting friends and family! Damn!


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