Adrienne BoettingerTuesday,26 March 2013

The Snap:

A buttload of people in Texas and a sprinkling of folks throughout the country want to secede. Not just because of perceived limitations to their 2nd Amendment rights; no, most of them seem irked with President Obama and “Big Government” writ large. But don’t worry, just because they own more guns than Lindsey Lohan does souvenir mugs from rehab centers doesn’t mean they’re going to shoot their way to freedom. No, a lot of them plan to follow the path of “Gandhi and those guys.”

The Download:

I think I’ve been pretty open about my frustration with what I see as the main cause of bad government: the obscene obedience of our elected Congresspersons to lascivious lobbyists and perverse PACs. But as frustrated as I get, I never think of forming a separate country with only those who think exactly like me. Rather, as I rail about the lack of decisiveness and complete spinelessness of most politicos, I track how my representatives vote (or if they even bother to show up for votes) and if I don’t like it, I don’t vote for them.

Apparently, this takes up too much time for the gerrymandered-all-to-hell state of Texas. Because the Texas Nationalist Movement has been pretty riled up since President Obama’s reelection and has decided the best course of action is to form its own country. When I first heard this I was quite alarmed as I think even toddlers carry guns concealed in their pull-ups in the Lone Star State. But TNM President Miller says I shouldn’t worry as they would never resort to violence because they “walk in the same vein as Gandhi and those guys.”

My relief for the safety of those daring to stand against TNM was short-lived as I read that antigovernment, extremist “Patriot” and militia groups reached the record high number of 1,360 in 2012, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. These groups believe the government is conspiring to steal their guns and take their liberties. They’re not just in Texas; they’re throughout the country and they’re increasing in number.

When did we decide that the best way to express our love of America was to spew hatred for the government and all other Americans that don’t think and vote exactly like we do? When did we decide that saying this antigovernment spiel over and over was only thing someone had to do for us to vote for them? Intelligent debate, responsible governing and meaningful discussions have been the first casualties in this Uncivil War.

So, what about the Texans who don’t want to secede, will they be self-deported to a less revolting sort of state? Or will they wall off certain sections (hopefully Austin) and put all the non-revolting Texans there?

And do Texans really want to be rickrolled by this man as their ruler?

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