Leigh MichaelMonday,25 March 2013

The Snap:

Time to play a little musical catch-up today.

Have you had a chance to enjoy Middle Brother’s self-titled debut album yet? This talented trio released their first collection of songs around two years ago (time flies!), and ever since they’ve been slowly seeping into the scene.

Oh, and did I mention that the trio is a powerful blend of Dawes, Deer Tick, and Delta Spirit? Do I have your attention now?

The Download:

So – yes, it’s true. Middle Brother makes a powerful punch with its trio of talented artists. Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, and John McCauley of Deer Tick have a way of blending all of the distinctive qualities from their original groups to create an awesome explosion of sound together.

(Side note: As TSD mentioned a couple of weeks back, John McCauley is also a part of the excellent Diamond Rugs, which you should jam out to if you haven’t already.)

I first got into Middle Brother when I heard “Blue Eyes,”, a song that manages to combine strangely sweet lyrics with the sort of memorable accompaniment that you’ll be humming for the next few days (you’ve been warned). If the tune gets you as much as it does me, be sure to treat yourself to this impromptu live version — and be sure to take note of John McCauley’s impressive knee-slapping.

The band is sort of a tease: they released Middle Brother back in 2011 and have yet to gift us with any new material. But with songs that are so toe-tappingly approachable and fun, you’ll feel okay about listening to them over and over again.

Hat Tips:

Middle Brother, NPR, Rolling Stone, Image Credit: Flickr


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