Leigh MichaelSaturday,23 March 2013

The Snap:

Want a great blend of Bon Iver and the Fleet Foxes for your weekend? (Come on, you know the answer is “Yes.”)

Then head to your trusty local record store/iTunes home page and buy Phosphorescent’s Muchacho, which came out 19 March. The album is a luscious blend of stunning lyrics and gorgeous instrumentals that feel like they belong at a late-night campfire.

Oh, and get ready to listen to “Song for Zula” five dozen times this weekend. Perfect blend of sappy, catchy, and all-around goodness.

The Download:

Phosphorescent is the moniker of the very talented Matthew Houck. This Alabama-based Brooklyn transplant is the sort of guy who knows how to make love to music. He croons with the best of them (“Down to Go”) and he jams with the best of them (“Ride On / Right On”).

I often think of music in the same way that I do movies. I want to listen to/watch things that make me happy — which is why you will never find me happily settling down with a bag of popcorn and Saw in the DVD player. No thanks. And admittedly, some of Phosphorescent’s songs can slide into the “emo” scale – but with the awesome lyrics and melt-worthy voice, it’s a sad vibe that I will happily settle down with.

I could go on for a few more paragraphs about how much I love this guy, but “Wolves” sort of makes the argument for me. Houck has seven albums under his belt – and every single one of them delivers seriously awesome stuff.

If you are feeling like Phosphorescent really strikes a chord with you, then don’t miss out on these awesome moments:

1. Matthew Houck’s Tiny Desk Concert is the kind of thing you shouldn’t watch if you’re in an emotional mood. Yeah, I’ll admit it definitely pulled at my heartstrings.

2. As one commenter aptly noted on this video’s Vimeo page, the footage for “A Picture of Our Torn Up Praise” is “slightly uncomfortable” — but also seriously awesome.

3. Get a little taste of ancient history with this very homespun (the kitchen has a great collection of potato chips on the counter) recording of “Right Now I am A-Roaming.”

4. Prepare to wish that you had roots in Alabama (or start to pretend) when you listen to “It’s Hard to be Humble (When You’re From Alabama).”

Hat Tips:

NPR, Aquarium Drunkard, Pitchfork, Image Credit: Flickr

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