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Over the past few weeks in have had to buy a lot of supplies for the upcoming AT hike. Many of these items I need to acquire at a dedicated hiking store like EMS or REI. However, many of them do not require a specialized store. For these I have begun to use Amazon a lot and have been extremely satisfied with them.

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My positive experiences with Amazon start with their prices. There are a lot of things that I will need for the hike that I do not need to see in a showroom. Things like boxes of Cliff bars, Gu, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, and replacement filters for my water filter. I did a search on these items and found that the prices were lower than I could get through other outlets. And if you consolidate the order, then you can get free shipping. This is clearly a reason to like them.

I am huge fan of my Kindle. So much so much so that if a book is not available on the Kindle, then I will not read it. Fortunately The Snap Download book is on Kindle. So are almost all of other books that I have wanted to read. I love the device for a few reasons. The first is that I find reading on an active screen like a Google, Samsung, or Microsoft tablet to cause retina strain after a while. It is also difficult to read on these devices in bright light. The Kindle solves both of these problems. It is also lighter and less bulky than a traditional book. So for me it is the ideal device for reading books.

Finally, I have had a few problems with that have required me to call customer service. The first was a technical issue with my Kindle. They were able to diagnose the problem and suggest a solution. The solution would take a few hours to implement and the tech agreed to call me back that afternoon. Not only did his solution work, but he actually did call back when he said he would. The second was with the delivery of a package. It had not arrived 5 days after the estimated arrival date. I called Amazon and they were able to isolate the issue. It was a problem with the USPS. Turns out the Post Office was not putting the packages in our P.O. box, nor were they providing a notification of a package. They told me to go to the Post Office where the P.O. box was located. By the time I got there, my packages were on the counter ready for delivery. The customer service rep called me back later that day to ensure that I got the packages. So, in both cases they solved the problem quickly and confirmed that it was solved.

I will continue to shop at Amazon and have downloaded Amazon’s app for my phone and tablet to make shopping easier.

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EMS, REI, Amazon, Cliff Bars, Gu, Quaker Instant Oatmeal, The Snap Download, Image Credit: Flickr

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