Shane BarnhillFriday,15 March 2013

The Snap:

On Thursday, Google released YouTube Capture for iPad. The new app provides a method for users to film or select videos and upload them directly to YouTube. Versions of YouTube Capture have been available for iPhone and Android devices for months, but this latest app is part of Google’s strategy to promote its services across mobile platforms (except, ahem, Microsoft’s).

The Download:

If you own an iPad, don’t download this app. Sure, it makes uploading video clips to the world’s largest video-sharing site a lot easier, but there’s a downside as well: You look like a damned fool shooting video with your iPad. Honestly. Even a guy as cool as Spike Lee looks like a total jackass filming video with an iPad, and there are entire blogs dedicated to showing how stupid people look when they do it.

Jackassery aside, it’s just plain rude.  Take it from a parent who has had to endure sitting in the seventh row of an elementary school orchestra concert while not being able to see his child play because of the wall of iPads in the first six rows. Your iPad may feel sleek and tiny in your giant Sasquatch hands, but it doesn’t make a good window when you hold it up in front of people sitting behind you.

Lastly, please spare me the “not everyone can afford a smartphone just to film video in a socially acceptable manner” argument. Nobody needs an iPad. In fact, tablets — the entire product category, across manufacturers — are luxury devices. If you’ve bought one, then you can afford to buy a phone or a handheld camcorder that won’t make you seem both clueless and rude.

If you still don’t believe me, here are 21 more reasons. And so, I have taken the liberty of modifying YouTube Capture’s splash screen accordingly:

YouTube Capture Jackassery

Hat Tips:

The Next Web, BuzzFeed, The Verge, Image Credit: Flickr

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