Matt HealeySunday,10 March 2013

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My last few posts about Microsoft have been quite positive. I have commented that their UC solution is in a better position than Cisco and that there are a lot of nice features to the Surface tablet. This does not however mean that they are perfect and they do not do things that are incredibly stupid and annoying. I discovered this today wile trying to work with Skype.

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When I was overseas Skype was a good tool to use to keep in touch with family and friends. International calls can be difficult and costly, so the free Skype calling was great. I liked it enough that I imported a lot of contacts into Skype, including their phone numbers. Then when I upgraded from the soon-to-be-dead Blackberry to a Samsung S3, I linked all of the contacts together so that I had a single entry for each contact.

The problem is that over time some of those phone numbers have changed. I discovered this recently when trying to call a friend in PA. I have their old cell number in Skype and since that is linked to the main contact in the address book on the phone, it is the default number. So I called it and discovered that it was no longer valid. Okay, no big deal, I will just go into Skype and remove the number. The problem is that you can not do this using an android phone. You need to go to a full computer to remove a phone number. Okay, the problem is that I do not have a full computer right now. I have an android tablet and phone. However, I can tell the tablet to request the full desktop site, thus mimicking a PC. The problem is that Skype is “smart” so even if you ask it to get the full desktop site, it redirects you to the mobile site, where Skype will not support removing a phone number. Microsoft, since the majority of smartphones are Androids, why don’t you make editing a phone number a feature you can use on Skype?

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