Matt HealeySaturday,9 March 2013

The Snap:

I went into a Microsoft store yesterday and took a look at the Surface RT. For the last few weeks I have been suspecting that I will need a new tablet at some time. I currently have an Android tablet and like it. The one problem is that I hate writing these posts on a touch screen keyboard. I want a tactile keyboard.

The Download:

Here is what I thought about the Surface RT. As a tablet it is pretty good. The touch screen was responsive and looked good. It had several features that I liked. Specifically the magnetic power cord, USB ports to charge other devices, and a real keyboard. I think that the magnetic connection between the keyboard and the tablet is a nice feature. Being able to switch from tablet to keyboard mode is nice.

There are two problems with the device. The first is the integrated kickstand. I known that Microsoft thinks that a 22 degree angle is ideal while sitting at a desk and using the device. The problem is that I will not always be sitting at a desk when I am using the device and so having that be adjustable would have been a better design choice. The other is a side effect of the magnetic power cord. The Surface requires its own unique power cord so I can not simply bring the one USB cord that charges my Kindle and phone. I want to reduce the number of power cords that I have to carry and the Surface does not do that. I am not sure how big of a deal this would be to me. Before I buy anything I want to check out the Nexus 10 and the Samsung 10 inch tablets.

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