Joe GransingerSaturday,9 March 2013

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Dan Croll is an indie artist based out of Liverpool, and has been gaining popularity for his latest single, “From Nowhere.” Known for a tasteful mix of indie, acoustic, electronic and folk music, Dan Croll has received “Band of the Day” honors from The Guardian, as well as currently sitting at #4 on AltNation’s Alt-18 countdown. His second single, “Compliment Your Soul,” was also made public late last month – although it’s not yet available for purchase.

The Download:

Since Dan Croll signed with a record label late last year, he hasn’t had a lot of time to create a large collection of music – which is unfortunate. What we do have, though, is two great singles that show a lot of promise for an album in the future. He does have some previous material floating around on YouTube that was made before signing to his current label — all of which are still available to listen.

Dan Croll, will, of course, be performing at SXSW (with just about every other band on the planet, it seems) March 13-16, followed by a few stops on the east coast before heading to Europe. While an album is supposedly in the works, I wouldn’t hold your breath for a release anytime soon. The best place to listen to everything he offers right now is his official SoundCloud page.

With a sound that could (and most likely will) appear on pop/alternative radio stations around the world, don’t be surprised to start hearing a lot more about Dan Croll – especially when a full album drops. C’mon Dan, hurry it up!

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SoundCloud, Youtube, LineofBestfit, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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