Joe GransingerWednesday,6 March 2013

The Snap:

Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s latest album II was released earlier this year, and now they’ve given us an interesting little video to accompany the song “Swim and Sleep.” Following the life of an emotionally scarred peeping-puppet, it shows the devastating effects of a very sexually frustrated doll that can’t catch a break.

The Download:

It takes about 10 seconds to realize what kind of video this is going to be – and it’s a dirty one. But not like a gross, weird, and creepy kind of dirty, it’s more of a funny, bored-adults-playing-with-puppets-in-a-slightly-perverted-way kind of dirty. Maybe I’m just immature and enjoy a cheap laugh, but there are plenty of parts in this video to induce a real life ‘lol’. I mean, the graffiti of “USB STICK” and “FUNK” followed by (horse laughter)? Comedy gold. And it seems as though the more you watch it, the funnier it gets. But then again, that could just be my odd taste in art, as the video is really well done and I love the story.

It turns out that the band is pretty good, too, and they’re currently touring throughout the country all spring promoting the album. I’m not going to dig in to the details again, as I did that last month, but their new album II is currently available on iTunes and Spotify.

This does however make them 2-for-2 on creating successfully strange videos for II, as the last one featuring McLovin’ can definitely hold your attention as well. It feels weird to say it – as I’m generally not a huge fan of music videos – but I’m actually looking forward to their next one.

Hat Tips:

UMO, Image Credit: Flickr


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