Leigh MichaelMonday,4 March 2013

The Snap:

Ever since this song became the anthem of… everyone… a couple of summers ago, Telekinesis has been hovering on the periphery of explosive fame. It has the talent and *zing* that could easily put its name up there with the likes of the Black Keys or Fleet Foxes.

And yet, it continues to stay on the fringe, like it’s waiting for the perfect moment to really show the music world what it they’ve got. Telekinesis will release Dormarion, its third album, in April. Maybe this one will be its time to shine.

The Download:

So, I became a huge fan of Telekinesis when I gave a listen to Telekinesis!, their debut album. A complete trend-follower in this department, I think that most music fans momentarily had their eyes fixed on this humble Seattle-based band. Telekinesis! was released in 2009; it didn’t grab significant public attention until 2011.

This is what the band seems to struggle with. It is awesome (listen to this song if you want some concrete proof) – but it doesn’t get the recognition that many of its peers do. And frankly, I think Telekinesis is a lot better than some of the stuff that’s been getting a ton of airtime lately. NPR seems to agree — in 2012, they were Number One on their list of “Bands That Shoud Be Bigger.”

Here’s the kicker – Telekinesis is actually a one man act. Michael Benjamin Lerner is the voice and brains behind the band. But his undeniable talent has attracted collaborations with other prominent members of the music industry: Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie played on most of the tracks on Telekinesis!, and Dormarion was created in collaboration with Spoon drummer Chris Eno.

Telekinesis might always hover a little beneath the radar – but maybe that’s a part of what makes them so cool. Lerner wants to make good music. It’s pretty clear pretty clear from interviews that this, and not fame, is his primary concern.

Have a listen to “Ghosts and Creatures,” a delectable sampling from the upcoming Dormarion.

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Merge Records, Telekinesis, PureVolume, Image Credit: Flickr

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