Matt HealeySunday,3 March 2013

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I had been resisting reading Bill Brysons book “A Walk in the Woods“. It is his book on hiking the AT. The reason I had been resisting was it was the only book anyone ever talked about when I mentioned that I would be doing the hike. My fear was that it was so often mentioned by non-hikers that I thought it would not resonate with me, since I have done a lot of hiking. I finally had to give up this position when @tcorbo gave me the book on Kindle.

The Download:

Overall I gave the book 3 stars. This in not an accurate rating of the book because the rating should have been 5 stars for the first section and 1 star for the second section. The first section covers his preparations for the hike, and the southern portions of the hike. It was very funny in part and I could easily identify with some of the trials and tribulations he and his friend went through. The sense of relief you get when you come to a spot on the trail where you can stop and have real food prepared in an actual restaurant, rather than something cooked on a camp stove. The issues associated with long days on the trail and the “interesting” people you will run into.

The second section of the book was boring. Bryson and his friend have to stop a few hundred miles into their hike. Bill has a book tour he has to do so they can not continue through hiking. This results in Bill day hiking a few section of the trail. I found this section much less interesting to read. The book ends with the pair’s attempt to do the final “hundred mile wilderness” leading up to Kataden, ME. They fail quite early and have to hitch a ride out. So, first section — excellent; second section — not so much.

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A walk in the woods, @tcorbo, Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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