Joe GransingerSaturday,2 March 2013

The Snap:

After beating out the likes of Nickelback, Volbeat and Guns `n` Roses, Japandroids “House That Heaven Built” is now the official new entrance song for the Vancouver Canucks. Named the ‘Band of 2012’ by many publications, Japandroids were chosen as the winner out of over two thousand submissions to be selected for the new entrance song.

The Download:

First off, let’s look at the competitors that didn’t win the contest. Volbeat is a completely understandable option since they’re one of the highest energy, kickass metal bands on the rise. Nickelback, though? That’s a different story. Does anybody even listen to Nickelback? I thought it was universally agreed upon that they are an absolutely shit band and make the worst music ever – and if you need convincing, here’s 10 reasons to prove it. Guns ‘n’ Roses would have been cool, if it was 1990. If they weren’t picked in the last 20 years, why would they be a good fit now? Thankfully, the fans made the right choice with this contest.

I’m admittedly not a hockey fan, but the new entrance video for the Canucks even gets me a little excited. It definitely has the energy and sound to be a great entrance song, and with Japandroids being local to the area, it’s a perfect fit. I’ve talked about Japandroids in a previous post, and I recommend you give that article a quick read if you enjoy fast-paced alt-rock.

Very few entrance songs through time have actually gotten me ready to rumble, but this one manages to put me in the mood for some mildly violent sports entertainment. While the song is good and much better than most, it still falls well short of the legendary 1997 Chicago Bulls entrance. Nothing will ever top that, and no other team in sports has matched the swagger and fear that the late 90’s Chicago Bulls carried for years.

It’s good to see teams hold a contest where the fans participate in the voting, and it’s even better that a douchey group like Nickelback didn’t win. Seriously though, does anybody actually like them?

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Vancouver Sun, Image Credit: Flickr


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