Leigh MichaelThursday,28 February 2013

The Snap:

Born in Trinidad, raised as a young kid in Brooklyn, then spending the rest of his adolescence in the Poconos: Theophilus London’s upbringing is a good metaphor for his approach as a musician. Often cited as one of today’s best “genre benders,” London refuses to conform to any specific musical style. His songs are a collision of soul, pop, punk, rap, and rock – and miraculously, the combination works.

Last week, London partnered up with Trouble Andrew (another jack of all trades – this guy’s a musician, pro snowboarder, and husband of the talented Santigold) to release ”Snow Angel”. This is the third new song that London has released in 2013 alone. Later this year, London will be releasing his second full-length album – expect to see Drake and Kanye West make an appearance.

The Download:

1. He Made His Debut at a Festival. A Film Festival:
It seems only appropriate that Theophilus London, the ultimate non-conformist, would first gain some serious recognition at a film festival. While watching his performance at Cannes, it’s impossible to not appreciate this guy’s talent.

2. He’s Got Style:
Take a look at any photo/video of Theoplilus London – he is one sharp dresser. His clothes seem to demand that people appreciate his versatile style as a musician – and anyway, I think he’s one of the few who owns cowboy hats with the same enthusiasm that he does flat brims. Designers have caught on to his enigmatic charm – London’s designed shoes for Cole Haan; he’s walked the runway for Carlos Campos.

3. He Does Some Seriously Cool Duets:
Louisiana-based band Givers put on an awesome private show with La Blogotheque — and it got even more awesome when Theophilus London joined the party. He seems to chug out awesome collaborations, like this one with Tegan and Sara’s Sara Quin.

You may not be able to pronounce Theophilus London’s name, but you will remember him. It’s sort of impossible not to.

Hat Tips:

Theophilus London, SoundCloud, New York Times, Image Credit: Flickr

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