Matt HealeyMonday,25 February 2013

The Snap:

I just finished After America, the second book in the Without Warning trilogy. My thoughts on the first book can be found here. I thought this was a very good second book.

The Download:

The basic premises of the trilogy is an unknown energy field — The Wave — immediately kills everyone in the continental U.S. The only area that is unaffected is Seattle. The first book deals with the immediate impact of this event. In this book, The Wave disappears and people can now resettle the continental U.S.

The first book follows several different story lines, some of which converge towards the end of that book. The second book continues these stories. What I found intriguing was that one of the storylines that I found uninteresting in the first book, the secret agent storyline, improved dramatically and became much more captivating. It was one of the featured storylines in this book. Also interesting was that a storyline that I really enjoyed in the first book, the president story line, became far less interesting. I also thought that the second half of the book was much better than the first half. Overall, the book was excellent and I will read the third book after I finish A Walk In The Woods.

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